This moron is pretty good at pushing my buttons! 

​Why I am pissed off today and need some venting… 
So I was asked today to help someone print out something… I told him “No problem..”
I currently have the only computer in the house, but I’m constantly wiping and installing new Linux distros, so I haven’t had a chance to install the printer drivers and set it up yet. 
He asked to borrow my laptop, but I told him just that and then suggested that he just email me the files he wanted me to print for him. I’ll just open it with my phone and send it to the printer from there. 
I also offered to set up the printer on his phone so that he could print whatever he wanted to in the future with out having to go through this headache… Plus, it’s one less thing for me to have to do as well.. 
He said that it was ok, and that we could do that later. 
A few hours later, I get an email with two PDF files attached (one was 20 pages long and the other was 48 pages long) with the message:
“Please print the two files. 10 pages and 38 pages.”
Obviously, he was talking about the the 20 page document and the 48 page document respectively, but I was a little unsure about what it was exactly that he was asking of me. 
Was he asking me to only print the first 10 pages from the 20 page document and then to only print the first 38 pages from the 48 page document? 
Or, maybe he was asking me to only print page 10 from the 20 page document and page 38 from the other? 
It was the fact that he mentioned page numbers in his instructions that threw me off. 
If he just wanted me to print both documents in its entirety, then he would have just said to print the two documents for him. He wouldn’t tell me to print the 2 files and then tell me to print up to page 20 and up to page 48 for the other. The second set of instructions would be pointless. 
But because the page numbers were all in the middle of the document, I figure that the instructions were important some how. 
Normally, I wouldn’t care and when faced with the same situation, I’d just print out both files, give him all the pages, and let him sort out all the pages he needed, and all the ones that he didn’t.. 
But, like I said earlier.. My toner level was low. If my printer was a car, it’d be running on fumes.. It was something like 9pm, so I couldn’t exactly go to the corner store and buy a new toner cartridge… Plus, that shit is expensive! 
So instead of printing out all the pages and risk printing out pages he didn’t need, I wanted to make sure, and only printed out the pages he needed. I was in ghetto frugal student mode… So I texted him, telling him that I didn’t understand his instructions, and asked him which of those possibilities I mentioned earlier was the correct one.. 
I texted, waited, but didn’t get a response, so I stopped waiting for his reply and went back to doing my own thing. 
When he rolled back in my crib, he was like “Did you print it? Did you run out of toner?” 
I told him that I didn’t even print it yet because I was waiting for his response. 
He told me that he didn’t even read the messages and said that he sent me the email with the two files and asked me to print them. 
I told him that I got the two files, but I didn’t understand his instructions, so I was waiting for him to respond back to me with the instructions. 
Then he started getting mad, telling me again that he sent me two files and asked me to print it. 
To which I again told him that I didn’t understand his instructions and told him that it was all in the text messages, but it was clear that he wasn’t going to look at it, so I told him that I could print it out then, but did he want me to just print the first 10 pages of the 20 page file and just the first 38 pages of the 48… 
He didn’t answer me, but instead, stared at me like I was a moron who didn’t know how to print a file. So I continued with : “Or did you just want me to print out page 10 and page 38? 
Still, no answer. Instead, he again told me that he sent me two files. One 20 pages, and one 38.
I corrected him and told him it was 48, and again asked him what he meant by telling me 10 pages… 
He got pissed off and told me that he didn’t want it anymore. 
Through out the whole time… I still didn’t get a straight answer to my question. Nor did he go and read my text messages or listen to the problem… 

Argg.. I was so pissed off.. 
And I was helping the fucker too! Ungrateful fuck! 

He can figure out how to add the printer to his phone by himself and print those files on his own! 

I can’t read his mind and figure out what he was trying to tell me to do for him!

And he wouldn’t answer me and tell me.. Like it was some code word, top secret type shit… So he can do whatever it was that he wanted to do on his own.. At least that way, there won’t be any miscommunication! 

That’s it.. I’m done venting. 

For all of you out there who are still reading… Thanks for staying with me and letting me vent with you. 

Sorry for wasting your time though with my crap. 

Leave me a comment though so I can thank you personally. 



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