Booeysays Geek Tip #0001 – First Time Disassembling Anything

This is my mom’s laptop. She doesn’t have too great a luck with her machines, and well, this time I need to strip down her laptop to try and fix it.

But this is the perfect time to share one (and my very first!) of my geek tips with you all!

When ever I am taking apart something for the very first time.. Or, actually, anytime!… I like to keep track of all my screws by labelling them and then taping them to a piece of paper.

This way, I will always know where which screw goes where, I will never have to play Lego and try to force a screw into a spot it doesn’t belong, AND, I can take a time out and continue working on the project again at a later time/date/week and not have to worry about screw/piece placements.

All you need to be all OCD organized like me is:

1. a piece of paper (or more, depending on how many pieces you need to keep track of, and how big they are.

2. Tape – to tape all the pieces/screws to the paper.

3. A pen to write and label everything.

4. Whiteout – to help write on dark surfaces like the black plastic behind my mom’s laptop.

That’s it.

I hope you guys found this useful and as always – Learn it, Use it, and Abuse it!

Oh, and Share it too if you want 🙂



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