Losing my mind.. 

I’m having one of those days.. 

I was looking for my lighter just now, because it’s a quarter passed midnight, so I didn’t want to go to the gas station a block and a half away to go buy one.

I knew I had one somewhere. I just saw it not too long ago, so off I went looking for it. 

I back tracked every where I could think of to try and find it. 

I checked all the pockets of the clothes that I was wearing earlier.. Nothing. 

I checked all of the pockets of the jeans and jackets I had laying around, just in case I had a spare one somewhere… Nope. 

I backtracked to all the spots I was at earlier.. Still nothing. 

I was about to turn on my kitchen stove so I could go light my smoke that way. So I switch gears and started looking for my smokes. 

I stick my hand into my pockets (of the jeans I’m currently wearing).. No smokes… But there was my lighter! 

I dunno why I didn’t check my jean pockets for my lighter from the get go.. 



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