The modified version of the Google Play Store VS the Un-modified version. 

​<Disclaimer> Everything here is purely for educational purposes. We are not showing you how to modify and/or install the modified version of the Google Play Store here. This article will just attempt to explain the differences between the modified version and the un-modified version. I am not responsible for what you do with what you learn here. So basically, do go anything stupid.. or at the very least, don’t get caught :)</Disclaimer>

The modified Play Store looks and feel just like the un-modified version. You sign in with your Google account and can search for, download, install, and uninstall apps just like you would normally. As a matter of fact, if you weren’t told that you were using a mo
So what differences can you expect to find?

1. Well, unlike the iTunes store, if you don’t like a purchase you just made, you have the option of getting a refund. Those who are familiar with this will know that once you click on the refund button, the Play Store will inform you that it will automatically uninstall the application or game after the refund… Well, that doesn’t exactly happen with the modified version.

It will go through the motion and give you the pop up telling you that it will uninstall the app, but it really doesn’t.
In the past, to get apps for free, people would go ahead and purchase an app from the store. Once it finishes installing, they will switch over to Titanium Backup to quickly make a backup of the app they just bought, go back into the store to get the refund, and when the Plsy Sstore uinstalls the app, they will switch back to Ttitanium Backup and preform a restore. At least, that’s how I went about getting free apps. 

Now with the modified Play Store, it is much easier to get free apps using the refund technique. 

However, Google caught on, and some apps use Google’s GoogleLVL. It’s basically a verification process that verifies if you’ve actually bought the app or not. If it’s an app that you’ve refunded, and just restored from a backup, unless you’ve cracked the app, it will fail the verification process and not run. 

This takes us to the next difference:

2. You can now run Google LVL protected apps with out having to crack the app yourself, or go and find a cracked version. 

Also, you will not actually need to be online for the verification process to run its check. You can be offline for those checks and still pass the test. 

3. One last big difference between the two versions of the Play Store is the “In-App Purchase Hack”.  It doesn’t work for ALL the apps and games out there, but it will for a majority of them out there. 
Some apps and games will have options for you to purchase things. You can buy gold or coins in a game to buy things and/or there may be an option for you to upgrade the app to the full premium version, remove the ads, etc. 

When you make these purchases, instead of getting the payment method pop up that you may be used to seeing, you’ll get a totally different pop up with three options that you can select. You don’t have to check off anything from the pop up. You can just click on continue, and if it’s successful, it will trick the store into thinking that you just paid for it, by pass the whole paying process, and you’ll get whatever you just bought (sorta). 

So, that’s what you can expect to find/see if you have the modified version of the Google Play Store installed: Refunded apps not actually getting uninstall, running GoogleLVL protected apps, and the In-App purchase hack. 

I hope this was useful.

“Learn it, Use it, Abuse it”


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