How To: Edit the main screen’s sub menus in Kodi

​If you ever looked at your Kodi menu items and wanted to edit the sub menus and customise it with items/sub menus of your own choosing, this is how you can do that.

First, from the main screen, click on the Settings sub menu under System.

Then, click on Appearance to open the Appearance settings window

In the right section of the window, click on the “settings” link. From the top, it should be the 2nd option down.

Click on the Addon link from the left section and you should get a window that looks like the image above.

To add a new item under a menu as a sub menu item, just click on on of the “Add-on #” links. Note, be patient after you click on one of the links. it will take a while but a new pop up will appear. When it does, just select an item you want to appear as an icon in the main screen, under its parent menu.

If you’re editing a pre-existing sub menu item, click on the sub menu you want to edit, and in the pop up window, either select the new item you want to replace the old with, or select None (the very first item at the top) to completely remove the sub menu altogether. 

So, that’s it. I hope this was useful. 

Learn it, Use it, and Abuse it! My name is Booey, and I’m Awesome !! Laaaattteerrrr !!

(I think that was the first time I type it instead of saying it.. looks and feels weird! lol) 


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