Geek Journals – What are they? And why do I make them? 

​I recently had to re-install Linux Mint on one of my computers. When ever I do something like this, I like to keep a detailed journal of what it is I did during the install, and what I did after the install. You’ll occasionally see some of these “Geek Journal” entries on my other sites, especially the ones that focuses on Android and Linux – my two favourite play pens. 

I made a habit out of doing this way back in the days when I was still running Windows. There would be so many problems with the installation of the OS, that I would have to sometimes install and reinstall the OS a few times before I got it running properly. Back then, there was no Google the way we know it today. We had search engines like Alta Vista which were more like portals than search engines, so we couldn’t really search the net for solutions to problems. So back then, there was A LOT of trial and error tweaking when we were faced with a new, unknown problem. So with each new reinstall I did, I recorded exactly what tweaks I made that time around, and recorded what those tweaks resulted in. 

With all the mucking around I did, some times the same problem I had a few days / weeks / months ago would pop back up. Sometimes, my friend would be facing the same problem I faced. Well, if and when that happened, I could always go back to my journal and pull up exactly what I did to fix the problem. 
Anyways, out of habit, that’s kind of why I have these “Geek Journal” entries and still make them. 
They are more for my benefit – being able to permanently and digitally store my Geek Journal entries some where I can search through (the search function is a major bonus that books did not offer!) when needed.. But I guess some of you guys out there may find it useful as well. 
I mean, if it happened to me, it’s bound to happen to someone else out there in the world. 
Any ways, that’s it. 
I hope some of you guys find this useful. 


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