My “Kristen Wiig on the Jimmy Fallon” YouTube Playlist. 

Kristen Wiig as “Khaleesi” on The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon

It doesn’t happen often. Once in July of 2013 (which I think was the first record of this event), again in February of 2014, April 2015, and again a couple of days ago, July 2016. 
I know what you guys are asking yourselves : What is this magical event this handsome speaks of? 
Of course, the event I speak of is when Jimmy Fallon interviews Kristen Wiig on whatever show it is he is currently hosting. I say “currently hosting” because this (and I want to say tradition) magical slice of time started back when he was hosting the Late Show. 
I did the best I could and added a bunch of videos on YouTube that documents this event, added them all to a playlist, and am sharing it with all you guys because sharing is caring!
I currently have 4 videos in the playlist. I couldn’t find the one of her impersonating Harry Styles from One Direction anywhere. So I’ll find that episode somewhere and through the magic of video editing, I’ll crop out her section and upload it for all y’all. 
That’s it. 
Later! (Weird fact : As I type “Later!” at the end of my posts, I tend to say it out loud as I’m typing it. Not just later, but I verbally speak while I type the last few words.. Dunno why.. But I do it.) 

Kristen Wiig on the Jimmy Fallon:


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